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Some drivers just can’t get enough of driving; they simply love to drive a big truck – many shutter at the thoughts of backing into a loading dock several times each week and maneuvering tight spaces with multiple city deliveries all week long – so those local or short haul, has no appeal to them whatsoever.

It’s the nice long highway trips that hold more appeal for some truckers.

Seats are harder for trucking companies to fill for long-haul work.“Always remember to stand up for your rights and avoid trucking companies that are always looking for drivers.That will tell right away that the company may be having problems creating high driver turnover.” It doesn’t matter where you live (small town or big city), it’s always possible to get a job.Some truckers don’t mind the long periods of solitude.“I would have to say if you have a significant other, leaving them for ‘X’ amount of weeks, will be the hardest thing to deal with.I am not really sure if it gets easier, or you just adapt to it, but it does happen with time.” Meals and personal supplies purchased on the road, can add up quickly and take a big bite out of a driver’s earnings.Once the driver is on the road, some companies will keep them out, doing continuous trips. This is very difficult for the trucker and his family.

Truckers miss a lot of regular everyday life with their families.New drivers are often required to run as a team, for OTR work, until they have sufficient experience to run solo.Most truckers DETEST running with a partner, so if you already know you don’t want to drive as a team member, best to be looking at another niche in the industry!The number of miles accumulated in a week can certainly add up in a hurry.Since truckers are paid on a per mileage rate for long distance driving, the pay can be decent, depending on the type of trucking and the trucking company.Due to the nature of living in a truck for extended time periods, eating restaurant food (processed and highly salted), lack of exercise and relaxation time, the lifestyle of a long haul trucker, can lead to serious health issues.