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If you are not enrolled in a course, please contact our Conference & Events Services office to see what accommodations are available to you.Note that Tufts offers housing to Interns, Graduate Students, and Adults as well.Learn more about SED information including purpose and confidentiality. Complete the electronic Recommendation for Award of a Certificate form and submit it to the advisor for your certificate program for approval.

(Please note that Applications will not be reviewed until your Secondary application has been submitted, your AMCAS application has been "Verified", the minimum required letters of recommendation are received and a valid MCAT score is recorded by AMCAS.) All applicants to the entering class are required to complete and submit our MD application.Applicants to any of our combined degree programs should use our secondary website to complete and submit both our MD application and our Combined Degree Program (CDP) application.By joining your reunion committee, you will inspire reunion attendance and philanthropic support within your class. Information for the Medical School Entering Class If you have designated Tufts University School of Medicine on your AMCAS application, we thank you for applying to our medical school!All degree candidates are required to complete the Graduate Exit Survey.

Candidates will receive an email from the Office of Institutional Research with a personal link to the Graduate Exit Survey approximately 6 weeks before graduation. Submit the required defense paperwork by the deadlines listed in the Graduate Student Handbook: Submit signed forms to Student Services in Dowling Hall; electronic signatures are only acceptable for committee members who were not physically present at the defense (see Graduate Student Handbook).There will be a cancellation fee if your cancellation request is received after the application due date has passed.If you cancel once the session has begun, you will be responsible for a prorated charge in addition to the cancellation fee.Enrollment must be for credit registration; audit enrollment does not qualify.Summer residence hall accommodations are available to Tufts and visiting college students.Graduate degrees for students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Engineering are conferred by the Board of Trustees in August, February, and May.