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To top it all off, he even briefly dated Taylor Swift. Today Lautner is mostly known as the former A-lister who flopped worse than a goldfish expiring in a kitty kibble bowl.

No doubt, many fans worldwide breathed a collective sigh of relief, still cherishing the hope that Pattinson would get back together with Kristen Stewart.

The cause of the break-up was shrouded in conflicting reports.

The five movies made international mega-stars out of Pattinson and Stewart, and greatly enhanced the careers of Anna Kendrick, Kellan Lutz, Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, among others.

Along the way, there's been a lot of crazy and chaotic drama surrounding the cast of the beloved saga.

Along the way, like most struggling actors, he took some not-so-glamorous acting jobs to pay the rent and build his résumé.

One of his early roles was playing Conan the Barbarian at the Universal Studios theme park near Hollywood-- a job that leveraged his brawny body-builder form as well as his acting skills.

Rightly or wrongly, that assessment seems to have stuck to Lautner like Silly String on a Velcro tab. Maybe a stint behind the camera, as his IMdb entry lists a producer credit as his only upcoming project.

Big, brawny, and brainy, Gil Birmingham is one of the most successful Native American actors in Hollywood history.

In his private life, Lutz seems to be a lot more low-key than Emmett Cullen.

Last November, Lutz surprised his fans with his hush-hush wedding to television host Brittany Gonzales, as reported later by magazine.

He laughs about it today, and jokes that he's probably featured in a lot of family vacation photos from the era.