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Have a positive attitude to menopause Having a negative attitude towards menopause has been shown to increase the likelihood of menopausal symptoms.

Women who see menopause as a crisis rather than the start of a new phase of life are more likely to experience symptoms. For instance, some women report a feeling of freedom after menopause, because they do not have to worry about menstrual bleeding.

Time for relaxation is important for emotional health.If you are having difficulty finding time to rest and relax, you may wish to try: Address issues in your intimate relationship Women who are satisfied with their intimate relationship and partner are less likely to experience sexual dysfunction during and after menopause.Relationship issues such as a lack of trust may contribute to sexual dysfunction.Women in long-term relationships are more likely to experience low sexual desire.Hot flushes, the most common menopausal symptom experienced by 70% of women who undergo natural menopause, may cause insomnia, irritability and reduced skin sensitivity, which may affect women’s sexual desire and responsiveness.

There are treatments that may help to relieve menopausal hot flushes, and in doing so, can have a positive effect on sexual function.Maintaining good physical health, addressing any emotional issues which may inhibit sexual function, and engaging in regular, varied sexual activity are some important aspects of maintaining sexual function after menopause.A healthy body is a good foundation for a healthy sex life.For instance, women caring for aged parents might experience reduced sexual desire because they are tired.Women whose children leave home may experience psychological issues such as reduced self-esteem because of their changing maternal role, which may in turn influence the woman’s sex life.It is therefore important that menopausal women take measures to improve their overall health.