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They are for the Spring/Summer term and go on sale usually the first week of April. If are looking for larger storage space you can visit the find storage fast website for information on local storage companies.

If you are staying in residence for the next term but are moving to a different building or room, you will receive a transfer date.

You'll be assigned an enrolment appointment in your Student Centre on the right side under "Enrolment Dates" (see below).

Before submitting grades for approval, it is important to note that a grade must be entered for all students listed on the roster.A partially graded list cannot be sent to Enrolment Services and will result in the disappearance of all grades for the whole course.Confirm your attendance or request to have your degree mailed be to you through your Student Centre.You may change your attendance status any time prior to the attendance notification deadline.Plan ahead so you'll have the right pre-requisite for your second-year courses.

Make a list of your required courses and select some option courses.

Applications judged to be greater-than-minimal risk must be submitted via IRISS by the submission deadline in order to be reviewed by the Board at the scheduled meeting.

This ensures that the Board members have time to carefully review the application prior to consideration at the meeting.

Similarly, if grades are submitted but not approved, they too will disappear from the system and Enrolment Services will not receive them.

If you experience technical difficulties and/or require access to the grading system, please contact Information Technologies Help Desk at 403.220.5555 or email [email protected]

You'll have three opportunities for graduation photos: portrait photography prior to convocation, twice during the ceremony, and individual and family portrait sessions before and after each ceremony.