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Specifically, eligible subrecipients are: 1) A private nonprofit organization; OR 2) a state or local governmental authority that is approved by a state to coordinate services for seniors and individuals with disabilities or certifies that there are no nonprofit organizations readily available in the area to provide the service.

The intent of the 55 percent requirement and the specific subrecipients eligible to administer capital projects designed to meet the special needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities when public transportation is insufficient, unavailable, or inappropriate, is to preserve the “status quo” of the program as authorized under prior legislation.

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Designated recipients in the large urbanized areas may be the section 5307 designated recipients, other direct recipients of 5307 funds, metropolitan planning organizations, or the section 5317 New Freedom Program.

Areas may also elect to designate the State DOT as the designated recipient in a large urbanized area. 5303, 5304, and 5306, by the Governor of a State, responsible local officials, and publicly owned operators of public transportation.

The only eligible direct recipient for these areas under this program is the State agency. Under certain circumstances, a for-profit taxi company may be an eligible subrecipient under this program.

As defined in MAP-21, eligible subrecipients for this program are a State governmental authority, a private non-profit organization, or an operator of public transportation that receives a grant under this section indirectly through a recipient.

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Designations must be made in accordance with the planning process under 49 U. Designated Recipients for large urbanized areas will be responsible for receiving and apportioning amounts under the Section 5310 program to urbanized areas of 200,000 or more in population.

This includes applying for and managing the grant and overseeing subrecipients in these areas. The eligible subrecipients for “traditional” 5310 projects are the same as those permitted under Section 5310 as authorized under prior legislation.

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