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Most couch back cushions are made with a plush fill insert.

By If you’re fortunate enough to have zippers on your cushions, adding new plush filling can be a simple task.

Specifically, you want to look for the type of fabric used to construct your cushions.Knowing the couch’s fabric will give you insight into its proper care and maintenance. When spot cleaning your couch cushions, do not rub or scrub to try to get the stain out.Fabric cleaning products are simple to use but work best if you follow the directions on the bottle.When using any product like this, make sure to go back with a clean rag and water to remove any residue left from the cleaner.After vacuuming, you should be able to assess how much cleaning your couch cushions really need.

For proper care instructions and information on how to wash your cushions correctly, check the inside for tags.Remove the cushion from the cover and make sure it’s still in good condition. You’ll want the batting to cover three sides of your cushion: top, front, and bottom.Trace your cushion around the batting so it fits correctly.Love your couch, but your cushions are looking a little too loved?While most people would just live with their worn out cushions or replace their couch altogether, here are a few ideas that avoid both of these options!Depending on whether your back cushion fills have a casing or shell, just unzip your cushion backs and add some new filling.