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The modern resume, so often posted online, even needs to consider keyword placement and search engine results. This means less time and money spent selecting the perfect paper for your resume and more time choosing the right fonts and formats. Courier, for instance, looks like a typewriter font, and job marketers associate the font with out-of-date paper resumes.Many Gen-X employers take the same view of Times New Roman.

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A good idea is to add a monthly note to your calendar, planner, or phone organizer, reminding you to set aside an hour or so to add information to your CV.

That way, when it comes time to apply for your residency, you will have a clean, comprehensive CV, all ready for submission to your programs of interest.

You will also build on the CV as you gain experience as a medical student.

Here are some things to include on your CV: When you start working on your CV as a first-year medical student, you should choose a format that is well-organized and flexible, since you’ll constantly be adding to it and altering it for the remainder of your professional life.

Size 10 to 12 makes your resume much more readable. Job reviewers can open and read PDF files easily, and you avoid the risk someone will accidentally edit your resume.

Your resume should start with your name and contact information, but even this has changed slightly over the years.An email address is much more important now than your physical address.In fact, many people now list their name, city and state, cell phone number and email address, but leave out their street address. Today’s resumes are routinely uploaded to Linked In and online job boards, where you have little control over who views your information.You should start compiling it right away, since it can be helpful as you apply for grants and special programs while you are a medical student.The first version of your CV will contain a lot of the same elements as your undergraduate resume, but on the CV, you have the chance to go into more detail about your educational and professional experiences.That way, you will always have it ready to go when you need it.