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There're little ways to route traffic on windows, and specifying proxy for FF is one of the most effective ways to do that.i see what you mean now. if the http proxy is set, requests are attempted first through the system http proxy rather than going through the specified socks proxy server. I'm closing a lot of bugs which are filed as Adobe Flash bugs which are either irrelevant, not actionable, or not serious enough to track in the Mozilla bug tracker.For the most part, Flash bugs should be filed in Adobe bugbase, and we'll only track a few highly-critical issues in the Mozilla tracker.

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In a Windows Active Directory domain and IIS Server, that is typically the same L/P used to login into the domain.Then, in FF, select a socks proxy for network connection. As I know, flash player gets proxy settings from browser, where it is embedded in. To override their, you can intercept Win Inet functions Internet Connect (and call Internet Set Option to set proxy address and port) and Internet Open (to set proxy login and password).Can anyone provide a definitive list of URL's which should be allowed to bypass a company's proxy server in order for Flash to auto update?The installer mechanism supports some basic proxy servers, but does not support proxy servers that require authentication or have automatic configuration scripts.

Adobe is considering possible solutions for future releases of Adobe Digital Editions.

Are there any options to configure the proxy settings for Shockwave or is this a bug?

The Creative Cloud expands on application functionality by providing access to various services. In many enterprises, a proxy server is implemented to restrict and control access to the Internet.

Sorry can't provide more details or screenshots, as I reported this ages ago and I don't have access to that particular environment anymore.

On a second thought, perhaps you could just specify a non-existent proxy of any type in IE, making sure IE can't connect to the internet no matter what.

Problem: shockwave/flash ignores the proxy settings from browser and Device.