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Note that the criterion under the field Schd_desc could also be coded as “Lecture” Or “Lab.” If you code the criteria on separate lines in the query, they function as an OR condition.For example, the following query pulls all sections with a subject code of Physics Now, let’s say you want to be able to select the subject code whenever you run the query, without having to hard code it into the criteria field.

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Under the Days field you would use the slightly more complex criteria Like “*M*” or Like “*W*” to pick up any record with M or W anywhere in the field.

Including the * wildcard character both before and after the M and W ensures that you get TWF as well as just W.

Such a risk represents a failure to meet the requirements of certain auditing bodies — anything that relates to the Data Protection Act, for example (with the possible consequence of withdrawal or suspension of certification).

Microsoft recommends migration to the current version of Access before the end of their support period.

Access 20 have not been supported for over a decade; and for even older versions, for much longer than that.

This means any database that has not been created using Access 2010 or later, or has not been converted accordingly, becomes a potential security risk.This tip provides an overview of the criteria field in Access queries, including Flexible Criteria, Date Criteria, and Using Tables as Input.If you try to copy the criteria fields shown below directly to Access, you may get an extra set of quotation marks that will need to be deleted.You could modify the query using the following criteria to obtain this result.field, include the criteria “PHYS” to select all sections with a Physics subject code.The other criteria use the wildcard character (“*”) to select records based on additional criteria.