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New Model Army made their first public appearance at Scamps Disco in Bradford in October 1980.

This attracted some derision from "anarcho-punk" traditionalists Conflict (2), who replied with their own motif: "Only Stupid Bastards Help EMI".

After releasing singles on Abstract Records, enjoying a number 2 UK independent chart hit with "The Price" in 1984, they formed an unlikely alliance with the multinational EMI Records, which saw the band acquire a higher profile and a significantly increased recording budget.

They eventually broke through to a wider audience with "No Rest", which peaked at number 28 on the UK singles chart in 1985 - a position they were never to beat in an impressive run of 12 UK chart singles between 19.

Date of Discovery – You can put in a date that was important in your transition process—such as the date when you socially transitioned, legally changed your name, or updated your identification, or you can use a date when you attempted to use your DD 214 and you were “outed”.

I was not previously aware that it was possible to remedy this injustice, and I request correction of my record so I will not continue to have to reveal my transgender status every time I show my DD214.

The Project Office must then follow existing Service procedures to send an update to Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), or the Service equivalent pay office, to allow DFAS, or the Service equivalent pay office, to update its system with the corrected gender.

How do I change my gender in DEERS if I am in active duty service?

Until clear guidance is published, below are our recommendations for how to update your information on military records. Each military department has their own Board for Corrections of Military Records, and each Board has the discretion to evaluate requested corrections on a case-by-case basis.

The websites for each Board and the address to submit your application for correction are in the Additional Resources section at the end of this document.

In 1994, a dance remix of "Vengeance' was released as a protest against the Criminal Justice Bill.

After a lengthy absence the band reconvened for 1998's "Strange Brotherhood".

You should personalize your responses on the DD149 form according to your situation.