Updating bookmarks

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Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 doesn’t support i Cloud Bookmarks.

If you want to use i Cloud Bookmarks in Windows 10, use a supported browser, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

To access your saved Google Bookmarks, go to and log in.

Once there, you can export your Google Bookmarks and import them into Firefox if you wish.

When this new profile is activated, it contains the default set of bookmarks which may give you the impression that you have lost your personal bookmarks.

This troubleshooting sequence helps you to identify if a new profile has been created and how to recover your bookmarks from the previous profile.

If you were using the Bookmarks Toolbar for quick access to your favorite bookmarks and the toolbar is now missing, you may have turned off the option to display the Bookmarks Toolbar.

To turn it back on: To recover bookmarks that were previously saved in the Bookmarks menu or on the Bookmarks toolbar but are now missing, see Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer.

When I open dashboard in web or in client again all my changes are gone.

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