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Camera power supply problems: Some cameras may become unreliable as their batteries begin to run down.

This is more likely to be a problem when using live view as this uses more power than normal camera operation.

Computer power supply problems: Some laptops don't have enough power to run the USB ports properly when running from batteries.

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Please see the DSLR Remote Pro for Windows features page for a list of supported camera models and operating systems. Canon introduced live view display on the Canon EOS-1D Mark III in spring 2007.

Camera models released before spring 2007 do not have a live view capability.

DSLR Remote Pro for Windows FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Articles on photo booth shooting to help you get the most from our photobooth software.

DSLR Remote Pro for Windows Help Files - Online Program help pages in HTML format - Please note, this link opens in a separate window DSLR Remote Pro for Windows PDF Help Files - PDF version of the DSLR Remote Pro for Windows help files for viewing online or downloading and printing (3.9 Mb file).

Alternatively upload the photos to a website or microsite and provide sharing links to allow users to share the photos on Facebook when they view the page on their device.

If you are having problems uploading photos to Facebook before 1st August 2018 you may need to update the utility.

Once the connection between the camera and computer has been established you can run DSLR Remote Pro for Windows and connect to the camera just like using a wired USB connection.

The only difference is that video capture is not available when the Wi Fi connection is being used.

Some desktop computers have additional USB ports which don't receive as much power as the main USB ports.

If you are having reliability problems it is worth trying different USB ports on the computer.

The latest version is FBUploader v2.4.4 which fixes problems caused by recent changes to the way Facebook handles cookies.