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“If there’s 100 people on that board and the Army can only promote 80, even though they may all be top-notch Soldiers, it’s how they rank among themselves provided that they are all fully qualified.” The Army, Mayer said, is an organization that truly cares about its people, but it also knows that not all Soldiers can be promoted. “So we don’t want anyone to fall short and think something is happening or there’s an expectation when there’s not. “OK, you did all that’s required, but how well did you do it? “Therein lies your efficiency report that talks to a Soldier’s potential for advancement to the next higher rank.” “So we’re just trying to alert Soldiers that (their) record could be looked at for just about anything, so just keep it up to date and make sure there’s a validating document to support whatever entry is in (the) file,” Mayer said.

Furthermore, commanders and supervisors can assist by monitoring preparation efforts and reviewing ORB/ERB, OMPFs, and DA photos prior to the board-convening date.

15, 2011, about what it means to be a professional during the Army Profession Junior Leader Forum at Fort Sill, Okla.

Soldiers need to know how to present themselves to the board in the most positive and professional manner, Mayer said.

All Soldiers need to be on top of their personnel file at any given time because not only is the file looked at for promotion boards, but it’s also looked at for assignments as well, he said. Army Human Resources Command, Department of the Army Secretariat convenes about 80 selection boards each year, for promotions, command assignments, professional development and schools for officers, warrant officers, and senior noncommissioned officers.

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Use the template resource to add cookbook templates to recipes; place the corresponding Embedded Ruby (ERB) template file in a cookbook’s Note The Chef Client uses Erubis for templates, which is a fast, secure, and extensible implementation of embedded Ruby.The boards will require complete record evaluations as outlined in their respective MILPER Messages.At a minimum, these senior leaders should ensure that their officers have an official DA photo on file, along with completed evaluations that are processed by the established cut-off dates with emphasis on clear, concise, quantified narrative comments that leave no doubts as to where these Soldiers stand against their respective peers, Mayers said.This will also ensure you get updates about the Ruby on Rails Tutorial and related products (such as the Learn Enough to Be Dangerous series of tutorials).[edit on Git Hub] A cookbook template is an Embedded Ruby (ERB) template that is used to dynamically generate static text files.“If it’s not kept current to where you feel that you’re being best represented, then you might fall short somewhere,” Mayer said. But if a Soldier doesn’t do his or her due diligence, “the assignment that you want could go to someone else or you could not get promoted,” Mayer said.