Updating firmware for dvd players samsung

Different makers handle this situation in different ways.

I downloaded the Firmware update from Samsung and burned an ISO file as instructed and put the resulting DVD into the player but the same "Loading" followed by "No Disk" situation happened again, therefore I cannot install the Firmware. If you are comfortable taking it apart, if you mess it up you are not really out anything as it does not work now, try cleaning the lens.

I called Samsung and explained the situation and they advised me to connect the dvd player to my computer USB and install the Firmware via the computer USB. I have on slightly expensive standalone player that all of a sudden would not read disc's, i was ready to just say screw it and order a new one seeing as it was already a few years old, took it apart, cleaned the lens and it started working perfectly and over a year later it still works great.

A look at top-selling DVD players from Panasonic, Philips, and Samsung shows that each of these manufacturers offers firmware updates for its top-selling models.

Sony says it issues firmware updates for its players that help DVD players to fix player bugs, add features, and support its own stronger copy protection called ARcc OS. Most, if not all, HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD players have built-in ethernet connectors, which greatly eases updating the player's firmware on the fly.

If customers want, they can request (at no charge) a firmware disc that will be sent to them to perform an update.

To date, stand-alone DVD players--along with other consumer electronics gear--have largely been impossible to upgrade because the software used to control the player (called firmware) was embedded into the device.But as DVD players have evolved and grown more sophisticated, firmware is now stored on flash memory in the device.This functionality allows owners to upgrade the players, fix problems, and accommodate new technology without having to visit a service center.Complaints about the VR3840 pepper online discussion boards and blogs, with users saying that the DVD player freezes or shuts off in the menu section when a user attempts to play recent DVD releases.Go Video now provides a firmware update fix for customers to install, saying in a statement on its Web site: "Go Video is offering an upgrade to the VR3840/VR5940 that allows certain Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, or Revolution Studios Movies to play without delay." According to DVD player manufacturers contacted for this story, these three studios all have introduced copy protection that goes beyond the industry's default Content Scrambling System (CSS) antipiracy protection.You must also have a third-party CD-burning software package.