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You need to install GIT client (GIT command line tool with Linux installed with "sudo apt-get install git", or the GIT client for Windows found at https://git-scm.com/download/win).First, enter value of the repository with reference sources into your GIT client tool.This will create a copy (a fork) of project into your own github area.

Your Eclipse GIT client will ask you to choose the branches you are interested in.Branches not selected now could be selected later by doing a "Fetch" from the "Remotes" view, but try to choose only the branch you need. Note: if you are behind a firewall, you must set Eclipse proxy credentials into Eclipse menu Windows - Preferences - General - Network connection and use the alternative URL: Once this step is validated, your GIT client will download all files from remote GIT server. Once download is finished, you must choose which branch to us to work on.A recently revealed flaw in Git could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary remote code by infecting a Git project with a malicious .gitmodules file.Git is a popular version control platform for software development that simplifies change tracking and collaboration.As Thomson points out, Git for Windows has already addressed the issue and other Git platforms are likely to follow suit.

There isn't much action for users or administrators to take to solve this issue outside of updating their Git platforms as soon as a new version is published.

Select GIT and click on option "Use or create repository in parent folder of project".

An alternate method is File- Php project, enter the folder of you GIT local repository.

Then process is same as getting sources with anonymous access.

URL to use for GIT clone is same: right click on Eclipse project and select "Pull".

"When you git clone a repository, there is some important configuration that you don't get from the server.