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Individual services are required or optional as indicated in the sections that follow.

Wherever this construct is used, null elements are allowed, but do not contribute to the count of elements present.That is, "(element), , (element) " is permitted, but counts as only two elements.The following constructs are introduced in this document to augment RFC2234: would match (elem foo bar) and (foo elem bar).NOTE: Specifying alternatives is quite different from specifying set grouping.Therefore, where at least one element is required, at least one non-null element MUST be present.

Default values are 0 and infinity so that "#element" allows any number, including zero; "1#element" requires at least one; and "1#2element" allows one or two.At least one delimiter (LWS and/or separators) MUST exist between any two tokens, since they would otherwise be interpreted as a single token.Open Social defines several services for providing access to a container's data.Publication of acknowledged Member Submissions at the W3C site is one of the benefits of W3C Membership.Please consult the requirements associated with Member Submissions of section 3.3 of the W3C Patent Policy.What follows is a revised version of the Activity Streams API and Embedded Experiences portions of the Open Social 2.5.1 specification.