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To use a custom panorama, call when you wish to display custom panoramas, as such a position will instruct the Street View service to request the default Street View imagery close to that location.Instead, set this position within the custom function init Pano() // Return a pano image given the pano ID.Generally, you will want to name your image tiles so they can be selected programmatically.

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Generally, Street View provides five levels of zoom resolution for any given panorama image.If you were to rely on a single panorama image to serve all zoom levels, such an image would either necessarily be quite large and significantly slow down your application, or be of such poor resolution at higher zoom levels that you would serve a poorly pixellated image.You can even link these custom panoramas to Google's existing Street View panoramas.Setting up a set of custom panorama imagery involves the following steps: object uses images that conform to the equirectangular (Plate Carrée) projection.We give general procedures here that might not apply for your OS or device; please consult your vendor documentation for authoritative information.

Before you change your DNS settings to use Google Public DNS, be sure to write down the current server addresses or settings on a piece of paper.As the projection provides an image with an aspect ratio of 2:1, tiles with 2:1 ratios are easier to use, though square tiles may provide better performance on square maps (since the field of view will be square).For 2:1 tiles, a single image encompassing the entire panorama represents the entire panorama "world" (the base image) at zoom level 0, with each increasing zoom level offering 4 zoom levels in Street View tiling do not match directly to zoom levels as provided using the Street View control; instead the Street View control zoom levels select a Field of View (Fo V), from which appropriate tiles are selected.If you provide a wider container, the service will still provide the same field of view for any given zoom level, though it may select tiles more appropriate for that resolution instead.Because each panorama consists of an equirectangular projection, creating panorama tiles is relatively easy.Toggle the display to Street View to show the shared markers displaying within the object.