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The Select Method returns an typed dataset from the business object.

I have enabled the paging and sorting feature of the gridview (Allow Paging and Allow Sorting set to true).

You can connect the Sql Data Source control with any database product for which there is a managed ADO. Actually, the SQLData Source control is not MSSQL specific. For instance, I use My ODBC in most of my apps just for consistancy, but I have to use the Sql Data Source control as follows: I first used ODBC without sqldatasource, but the rusult was lost db-connections all the time.

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I have a feeling it has to do with the security settings.

Zavod, I have got the same error while publishing of my application to the remote host until added configuration/system.data/Db Provider Factories key as might be found at:

Get Factory(String provider Invariant Name) 1372135 System. And yes, I did use a providername on my sqldatasource like i wrote in my first post. The thread isnt really up to date either so maybe its the ordinary connector but an early version? They even mentioned to add some lines into mashine.config, and how should I do that when its not a deticated server.

Did some research and it looked like it was a common problem. I allready have installed and placed in the bin-folder of my site. Or is the fix to add those lines of code in web.config?

38,145720,145760#msg-145760 Also as I have seen in some samples in this thread gyus have tried to add system.data/Db Provider Factories key to the configuration/which was most probably wrong...

Hello, I'm also trying for days to work with Sql Data Source and My SQL on a host, and so far it has been unsuccessful. Security Permission, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, Public Key Token=b77a5c561934e089' failed.

The MSDN docs state: "You must set the Data Key Names property for the automatic updating and deleting features of the Grid View control to work. This is what I get even when doing exactly as you (not sure about your connstring yet) Called godaddy and they were not aware of the Mys SQL Visual Studio Plugin. NET connector 5.0 and 5.1, but that is al they would tell me. I tried adding the following: Just very tricky when it gets to using the insert, update and delete commands.

The values of these key fields are passed to the data source control in order to match the row to update or delete." 3) Format your query strings properly when writing your Insert/Update/Delete commands for the Sql Data Source by prefixing the text you want interpolated with a '? Category);" Update Command="UPDATE project_goals SET Project ID = ? I get this just attempting to run a page that gets opened for inserting a new record into my mysql database.

and then go to configure data sources with the wizards and pick connection strings from the drop-down list, it would NEVER show up.

Please someone help me out here, feels like im the first one to try get this mysql-thing working.

The wizard doesn't seem to generate this property for you, so it's an extra manual step. And what error did you get before you got it working?