Updating my blu ray player

The DVDs I have played have worked and looked good. Overall I am not impressed with this item and am disappointed with LG. It does not have any other optical audio ports as stated on Walmart's website. I do not have any Bluray disks to try, but I might buy one just to see if it will play them.With DVD, the copy protection scheme was compromised shortly after release.

I had to unplug the unit from the wall to get it to turn off.

I see on LG's website this item is now discontinued.

With Blu-ray, they wanted to prevent this and introduced more extensive copy protection.

One of the most significant features is the ability to add additional, new methods of copy protection, and to revoke permissions for playback if something like the DVD fiasco happened again.

Click on "My Computer" and click on your flash drive, which will be named "Removable Disk." Create a folder named "UPG."Copy the .

DSO file you downloaded from the Vizio Support website into the "UPG" folder on your flash drive.Sometimes it’s to fix bugs/problems in the players themselves.Sometimes the Blu-ray standard is upgraded, and you need a firmware update to let your player take advantage of those changes.Some manufacturers will take positive advantage of this, and add new features to their players.Oppo has done this well in the past, adding support for network streaming of audio and video, as well as support for additional streaming formats.Upgrading the firmware, or underlying software, will ensure your player is up to date with the latest technology and can resolve any problems you're experiencing with the device.