Updating my video driver

Beyond what is already directly-linked to above, we used sketchup, some windows info from Adobe, some Windows XP and Linux info from UCSF, as well as some Ubuntu/Steam info from Valve.

The transition to Windows 10 has been in some cases a breath of fresh air, and in others, more like a whiff of landfill.

One of the areas that has NOT been well accepted is the decision to enforce updates whether you want them or not.

You appear to be running In some cases, the system won't be able to find an Update the other way, but you may still want to try to update your drivers on your own.The manual method requires two steps: 1) finding out which type of graphics card you have and 2) downloading the drivers from the manufacturer's website.For detailed instructions on how to do those steps, just follow the instructions for Windows Vista above.On Mac OSX, the drivers are part of OS X, so they are updated automatically when you do a Mac update.Most crashes of desktop video games are caused by outdated video card / graphics card drivers. Update My Video was made to help you update your drivers as quickly and easily as possible.

After the page loads, it will attempt to highlight the instructions that are the most relevant to the computer you're currently using to view this page.If you have build 1151 or later, the option to do that is no longer present so you only have a choice between automatic updating or no updating.You can of course still manually install drivers from each hardware components manufacturer yourself, which is more highly recommended as a standard practice anyhow.At least some of the icons for the operating systems come from Tatice, licensed under by-nc-nd 3.0.We compiled info about the various operating systems from a number of sources.You can get to the Control Panel quickly, by calling up the run box with the Win R shortcut and then typing "control" and hitting Enter. Once the System properties window opens, click on "Advanced system settings" on the left side of the window. Windows 10 should no longer "automatically" update your driver settings.