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The only problem with "resetting" a sequence by incrementing backwards is, as Tom pointed out, if nextval is called more than once during the brief time when the sequence is set to go backwards, other users (or you) get the error: ORA-08004: sequence SEQ.NEXTVAL goes below MINVALUE and cannot be instantiated A different "reset" technique avoids that error: Set the sequence to "cycle" immediately back to the minvalue you [email protected] Hi Tom, Can you please let me know if there is any way , we can set the vaule of a sequence to a particular number. select S783_INT_NBC_PGM_CD_DM_ID.nextval FROM DUAL gives me the result 100275 I want to set the value of S783_INT_NBC_PGM_CD_DM_ID to 101907 so that when I refer the S783_INT_NBC_PGM_CD_DM_ID.nextval later on I will get 101908.-Sujit May 13, 2004 - pm UTC hmmm, just like in the fashion I set it to zero above?10g R2XEHi Tom, Just interested in hearing your thoughts regarding approach Using Oracle sequence or creating a table and storing the last used number in it and manually incrementing it.

p_val); 11 END; 12 / Procedure created.