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I think I've restored all of my apps by restoring the "data" after a ROM install (at least that's what it appears to have happened).

updating partition details in twrp-48updating partition details in twrp-1updating partition details in twrp-58

It got deleted once let me see if I can type this out again without losing it all...

What's weird is that when its hung its as if it has done the work.

The one person I asked to try it didn't have any luck.

If I use CWM, it gets to a point where it says "Baseline.par" a...

The next step is to install the SU & Gapps zip files. Always works $ 7z a -tzip File1 File2 All Files* New I checked everything, the zip was not unzipped properly. I lost almost three weeks and even hope, until it failed with CWM recovery as well.

When I try to install the zips, I get the following in my log E: Unable to open zip file. So I tried all different ZIP tools and ofcourse 7zip the swiss knife of compression and decompression.Error flashing zip '/sdcard/Download/UPDATE-Super SU-v1.65.zip' Updating partition details... Recommended tool is Win RAR and 7zip with 'x' option.Thanks for any ideas I checked everything, the zip was not unzipped properly. I think this should be added in FAQ or HOW-TO of TWRP Definitely not TWRP's fault and thanks for closing the thread.I tried the OTA of the latest nightly (may 18) and after downloading the update the OTA app said it was unable to restart in recovery, so I did manually. This applies to my custom Android ROM on Sony Xperia S (Nozomi), more specifically the Xperia SL model or Nozomi-2. The process was the same as it had been a million times before, but this time TWRP stopped letting me install said ROM and I later discovered that it wouldn’t let me install any other ROM either.Im now with the new rom installed and anything on the phone and I want to restore the data using the backup (I saved it to the computer before flashing).