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And for the handheld gaming veterans out there, there are shades of Advance Wars to it too.

Earth has been invaded, and almost taken over, by aliens.

We know Earth will come out tops, it’s just a case of how.

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You travel around an open world packed with Americana-style buildings, all your companions are human and the combat plays out in real time, not as turns.

However, you can tell this is a Final Fantasy game just by watching a 15-second clip of it in action.

If you're getting into PC gaming, Steam is the first place to look for new games. Buy one and you can download and install it as many times as you like. Steam is a giant labyrinth of games, and if you are tempted in by its frequent sales you may end up with a stack of titles you've never booted-up. Below you'll find some of the very best recent Steam titles and some older games we think you should not miss.

We update it regularly, so come back soon for more suggestions.

You drive a big 18 wheeler-style truck over the long highways of the US, delivering cargo from A to B.

Breaking the traffic codes doesn’t end in a GTA-style police chase, just a fine.

The first Ni No Kuni game was a collaboration with Japanese animation masters Studio Ghibli.

Ni No Kuni II is not, but retains the same charming art style. Instead of training up avatars to fight for you, Ni No Kuni II has a fun real-time battle system. While Ni No Kuni II is an action-adventure RPG, you also build up a kingdom, which plays a role in earning bonuses for your characters. The story is more conventional than that of the first game, which might be down to Studio Ghibli’s limited involvement.

Not every game has to be about destroying aliens or shooting off the faces of unnamed soldiers.

American Truck Simulator is like mindfulness meditation compared to those titles.

The PC tends to get associated with the kind of games you sit down at for hours. If you can drag yourself away from its moreish-ness, anyway.