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Not until the Sega Nomad would anybody again attempt to put a full-powered console into a portable case. Shop for Turbo Express System on e Bay Turbo Duo The Turbo Duo was the last hurrah in the US.

Designed in Japan and barely modified for the US, this system combines the Turbo Grafx-16, CD ROM² drive, Super System 3.0 BIOS, and Super CD expanded memory (see the Japan section) into a single, sleek, compact console.

The Retro Gaming 101 series is aimed at gamers who are just starting out in the classic gaming scene or are curious about older consoles they don’t yet know much about.

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It still has only one controller port, but uses the smaller Japanese controller connection.

It debuted in the US at 9 and featured an impressive set of pack-in games.Due to the quality of the screen, it was almost as good as dedicated portable TV models and wasn’t much larger.The Turbo Express’s primary flaws were the price and the rather short battery life, flaws that were not easily remedied given the technology of the time.Shop for Turbo Duo System on e Bay Super System 3.0 Card When the Turbo Duo was released the remaining inventory of the Turbo Grafx-CD add-on had its price slashed, and as an effort to let others in on the game TTI also released a US version of the Super System 3.0 Card, allowing the Turbo Grafx-16 with Turbo Grafx-CD to play Super CD ROM² games.The Super System 3.0 Card shipped with the 4-in-1 Super CD that was also packaged with the Duo, meaning you were never without at least 4 great games to play.The AC adapter that normally powers the Turbo Grafx-16 can then be used to power the removable CD unit when detached and allow it to serve as a semi-portable CD player. The Turbo Grafx-CD features AV stereo output and save memory for CD and Turbo Chip games.