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If you need further assistance, a skeleton script is provided in Level advanced Create a script that outputs the number of connections in which each cipher suite was seen in 15-minute intervals using the summary statistics framework.

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One of the steps they want to take is to enforce the use of secure cipher-suites in all connection.Use bro-cut and other unix tools (like sort and uniq) to get the distributions of the ciphers that are used in different connections.For some extensions, Bro offers more specialized events that parse more information out of the extension data.The most interesting of these extensions is the Server Name Indication ( The server name is given as a vector of strings.Bro 2.3 also features a few events for more basic analysis.

There are events that are raised on every handshake message as well as every encrypted protocol version the client supports.analyzer and also returns a wealth of new information about the cryptographic algorithms used in the certificates, as well as different extensions.The way Bro performs certificate validation also was significantly enhanced.The server can, in turn, reply with the exact same extension.In this case, it contains exactly one protocol, which is the application layer protocol the server chose to use.More interestingly, the client may send a number of different extensions together with its client hello.