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I lost count of all the houses I swooned over, each one slightly different to the next yet adorned with rose vines that swept around doorways and window frames.

Ystad may be small compared to nearby cities, Malmö and Lund, but it sprawls out towards the beach and forestland, so there’s an extended feeling of space and a great sense of being close to nature at all times.

I’d heard mixed reviews and after watching it’s easy to imagine the city as an industrial grey chasm, but that perception couldn’t be further from the truth.

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If you’re planning your own trip it’s useful to know that you can easily travel to each of these places by train, so hiring a car isn’t necessary.

As a suggestion you could easily use Malmö as a base to see Ystad, Lund and Helsingborg if you prefer as they’re so close to one another.

As this was in the good old days before mobile phones, I was already driving home and blissfully unaware of my mom screaming “WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER? But clearly I’m a sucker for serious head wounds and was desperately in love, despite the fact that he was increasingly exhibiting behaviour that would place him somewhere on the psychopathic spectrum. The year I turned 24, a lot of my friends turned 21 and I felt a little left out seeing as they were all having big, boozy 21st birthday parties, so I financed my own elaborate 24th party, indistinguishable from a 21st but for the numbers on the cake. Oh yes, and the beer keg leaked all over and seeped into the wooden floor and I lost my damage deposit. But what I do remember is how delicious the food was that my mom and I managed to serve out of the non-existent kitchen.

The theme was so we draped the hall in black plastic, and decorated it with cut-out bats, stars and a giant string-and-pipe-cleaner cobweb complete with spider. Eventually he turned up tipsy and wearing a straitjacket. Since he was considerably ahead of me in the drinking stakes, it didn’t take very long for him to annoy me, so I took a little break from the party by retiring to the kiddies sandpit outside the hall with a couple of friends for tequila slammers. Prince Charming searched the venue for me in vain, and was quite overwrought when he finally found us in our sandy makeshift tequila bar. This dish is a great way to use up leftover roast chicken, but it’s worth making even if it has to be made from scratch – and it also freezes beautifully.

It’s recommended in the White Guide and is the BEST place to go for lunch or coffee.

With an outdoor cafe, small organic farm shop and an indoor seating area surrounding by white-washed wood and book-cladded shelves, it’s the perfect place to unwind and indulge.

As a result of the series’ success, people from all over come to walk in the footsteps of police inspector, Wallander.

There’s even a quirky, little veteran fire engine that takes fans to various filming locations around the town. You’ll need a car, but a trip to Olof Viktors is totally worth the drive.

This is something you don’t have to worry about, Malmö has an incredible selection of cafes, coffee shops and restaurants for you to choose from.

I ate at Belle Epoque and would recommend it in a heartbeat whether you’re a meat eater, pescatarian or vegetarian.

Blessed with a picturesque location by the sea and with close proximity to breath-taking countryside, this small but colourful town should not be missed whilst in South Sweden.