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As a result, attackers can find passwords fairly easily by following their electronic fingerprints. Here's how to protect your personal information online by Jodesz Gavilan March 21, 2018 Data privacy lawyer Cecilia Soria says it's important to be more mindful and less careless in giving away personal information, especially on social media EU data protection may trigger global ripple effect by Agence France-Presse May 15, 2018 While all firms globally are required to comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it comes to the data of Europeans, the rules may have a wider impact if firms decide to extend protections to all users.

The EU's new data protection rules that enter into force later this month are having an impact around the world as firms, including in the United States and China, move to comply.

They can partner with others, including communities, in combating pollution of the information environment.

Also we, About Philippines says very often Official Gazette website is not accessible for important old articles Philippine media under attack Press freedom after 2 years of Duterte As the President enters his second year, we look back at the attacks that journalists have had to endure IMPORTANT: Look also the article by Rappler Research Team June 29, 2018Fighting 'fake news' with the law Some countries are using legislation to fight the spread of 'fake news,' as critics warn of dangers to free speech and the media.Here's a look at the situation in a number of countries.Be vigilant when sharing data on social media – privacy commission by Aika Rey April 07, 2018 ' We encourage the public to exercise a new level of care about their privacy and to take part in forming the future of Facebook in the country,' says Privacy Commissioner Mon Liboro.Passwords: Security, vulnerability, constraints by Hervé Debar March 24, 2018 Technological progress has made brute-force password-search tools, like ' John the Ripper' extremely Frances Roberto May 12, 2018 ' The UPD administration needs to be level-headed enough to study the rules and interpret them based on the normative standards of journalism, especially when it comes to editorial independence,' says professor Danilo Arao.

Look MUCH MORE HEREYou think your data, communication devices are safe?About Philippines recommend to read this and ALL links in the article Media Freedom: Much more than just the media’s problem by Johanna Son May 08, 2018 From Cambodia and Myanmar to the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, countries are facing challenges that are a mix of the usual ones such as hostile action from governments and the use of laws and the courts to limit space for media Living within the truth by Jose Manuel I.Diokno June 18, 2018 There are forces competing for our attention, pushing us to believe in thing or another.Learn your family the language and the culture of the roots, so your family understand and respect the roots! with e.g.: About FAKE NEWS & Photos - Duterte's trolls and propaganda machine The Presidential Communications Operations Office - PCOO Blogging - Bloggers - Ethics - Etc. Digital Marketing - Business Online buy-and-sell - Etc.-- It´s a good idea to a start looking the mainpage About Philippines Look MANY IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS (opens in a new window) about our pages e.g.: Use of cookies! HOW to be sure always to be able to look our pages! Comelec data leaked by hackers We recommend also to search for more informations!Think again by Sofia Tomacruz March 17, 2018 According to privacy rights group Privacy International, there have been at least 7 recorded sales of surveillance equipment to the Philippines Look also the Videos: Security in Our Connected World Part 1 & 2 Part 1: Social Media Security Part 2: Online Safety & Data Security and the articles: Cambridge Analytica to close after Facebook data scandal by Agence France-Presse May 03, 2018 ' Despite Cambridge Analytica's unwavering confidence that its employees have acted ethically and lawfully...