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The developers from Windows X team came up with Windows 10 Transformation Pack, a collection of carefully selected applications that simulates the Windows 10 interface.The smart transformation pack enables you to apply a major uplift to your current operating system, be it Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8/1, and try on several key aspects from the Windows 10 OS.

The attacker can have some ways to make sure its fake DHCP Response arrives first.In fact, if the attacker is “closer” than the DHCP Server then he doesn’t need to do anything.If a DHCP response is seen on an untrusted port, the port is shut down.To retain the bindings across switch reloads, you must use the DHCP snooping database agent.Or he can Do S the DHCP Server so that it can’t send the DHCP Response. DHCP snooping is a Cisco Catalyst feature that determines which switch ports can respond to DHCP requests. Only ports that connect to an authorized DHCP server are trusted, and allowed to send all types of DHCP messages.

All other ports on the switch are untrusted and can send only DHCP requests.Does not support filtering of traffic based on MAC address. Reference: DHCP snooping binding database contains information about untrusted hosts with leased IP addresses.Each entry in the DHCP snooping binding database includes the MAC address of the host, the leased IP address, the lease time, the binding type, the VLAN number and interface information associated with the host.This is how to configure a static DHCP snooping binding entry: IP Source Guard provides source IP address filtering on a Layer 2 port to prevent a malicious host from impersonating a legitimate host by assuming the legitimate host’s IP address.The feature uses dynamic DHCP snooping and static IP source binding to match IP addresses to hosts on untrusted Layer 2 access ports.Windows 10 Transformation Pack enables you to access the Metro interface which includes several gadgets.