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What You Do: You’re a monkey, and your chief responsibility is to collect bananas for the bigger monkeys higher up in the food chain.

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2nd and 3rd year analysts see increased pay, usually closer to 0K in a good year for a 3rd year analyst, and maybe 0K or a bit less on the lower end in a bad year.Time to Get Promoted: Usually it takes 3 years to become an associate.Firefighters would only tackle blazes at homes with the “fire mark”.A dozen shops used to line the street, from a butcher to a bakery and a shoemaker.So yes, there are exceptions and sometimes you see more pay or less pay – these are rough averages.

Let’s dive right in and start with the bottom of the hierarchy: the analyst monkey.One architectural victim of the wartime bombings was Meadow Cottage, which once stood beside the River Darent and had a tea garden popular with ramblers.But many of the old buildings from the village’s long history are still standing, including the parish church, which has a wall dating back to the 11th century, and the 15th century Almshouses in Filston Lane and Holly Place in the High Street.Age Range: Most analysts are just out of school, so 22-27; in countries with military service or with 5-year undergraduate programs (Europe) the upper end of the range is more common.Pay: This varies by region and the state of the economy, but most 1st year analysts make at least 0K USD all-in (base salary bonus) and that may go up to 0K or more if the economy is good.At the end you’ll learn how this hierarchy might differ outside banking, outside those cities, and in other countries.