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The babys mother imagines, in delicate detail at the graveside, all of the potential lives that were lost upon her daughters deaththose of the little girl, the grown woman, and the old lady she might have become.The fragmented narrative spiderwebs off from that devastating blow, propelling the stories of those potential futures and possible deaths of the infant as she survives progressively longer in life, then dies again, then picks up again at the pivot points where death might have hinged on a single decision.

I was secretly thrilled that the table was ruined, but that was tempered by thoughts of projectile acceleration and vulnerable flesh and previously unconsidered ways to die.

The second time I was living in Manila with mythen, nowhusband and our baby, who was bigger but a baby all the same.

After close to three years of siege, 6,900 women, children and men were finally able to leave the Syrian towns of Foah and Kafraya over the past few days, following a local agreement between parties to the conflict.

Despite the improved economic growth, risks to the economic outlook are rising, the United Nations economic and social affairs chief said on Thursday, warning against “increasingly unilateral trade measures” that are challenging the multilateral trading system.

[Note that Susan taught me everything I know about translation, and I admire her immensely, professionally and personally.

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