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Now that we know how to find webcams and potentially log-in using the default username and passwords, let's get more specific and try to find webcams in a specific location.

If we were interested in webcams by the manufacturer Webcam XP in Australia, we could find them by typing: Shodan even enables us to be very specific in searching for web-enabled devices.

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When my daughter was born I decided to get an IP camera to put over her cot so I could keep an eye on her at night. Looking through the info that comes with it I spotted this line: The software supplied manages the set-up process for you.Includes support for dynamic IP address and DDNS and with wireless connectivity you don't have to worry about running cables around your home or office.AS SEEN ON* TIME* Forbes* Tech Crunch* Venture Beat* CNET* BBC* USA TODAY* Inc.* Lifehacker* Cult of Mac* And many more…ABOUT THE COMPANYCloud Sight, a Los Angeles-based tech company that specializes in visual cognition and understanding.I have compiled a short list of the default username and passwords of some of the most widely used webcams below.

There is no guarantee that these will work, but many inattentive and lazy administrators and individuals simply leave the default settings, and in those cases, these username and passwords will give you access to confidential and private webcams around the world!

For Windows OS Super-Client Software for MJPEG cameras H.264 Camera Client 1)The client can monitor 16 cameras at one page; 2)Supports previous record; 3)Supports Preset, you can set 256 presets; 4)Supports PTZ; 5)Supports multi-device record at the same time; 6)Supports five alarm types: Motion Detection, Input Alarm, Lost Connect, Hard Disk Full, Hard Disk Error 7)The Linkage Alarm has four types: Popup View Window, Electron Map Alarm, Linkage Record and Sound Alarm 8)Multi-level users management with password protection Click here to download!

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These include routers, switches, webcams, traffic lights, SCADA systems, and even home security systems.

In my last post, I showed you how to find specific routers at a specific location, at a specific IP.

This is a neat idea because the cameras use a default port of 81 rather than the normal 80 and so users would have to know to add :81 to their URL which would go against the ease of use they are aiming for. If I want to see if a camera with code xxxxxx is registered I simply browse to xxxxxx.and see where I get redirected to.