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So it was a surprise when she set me up with a friend of hers, we were all drinkin ... Our relationship has seen many twists and turns, as much as you would expect from a 27 year marriage. I was an average looking skinny guy and she was a stunning chick with a body that turned heads.

I was an 18 yo virgin and she (Jeanna) was 19 with experience w 4 guys.

So she put herself back out there, and found a guy to fuck from a dating site. I muted my phone, so they couldn't hear me, because they guy doesn't know I'm listening, let alone that my wife is married.

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She's hooked up with a guy before, but only ended up sucking him off.That kept me sated for awhile, but eventually I wanted more. She called me, put her phone on speaker, and left it in her purse.After our first encounter a few years back she's slowly been falling more and more into needing this as a part of her routine.She's been sending me off as I travel to practice so I can better please her main bull after he complained of my poor performance.She refused my advances saying, "You don't get to have me right now." Pushing me off of her but then instructed that I go down on her, which I gladly did, bringing her to orgasm.

She then sent me away into the bathroom to stroke myself off and said not to bother her for sex again while we were at the cottage. I drove us back Tuesday evening and she was texting on her phone constantly, but refusing to tell me who she was talking to, giggling and smiling the whole time.

Within a year of of her high school graduation we were married and being ...

Hi, My wife is in Texas for business for a year, and I am on the east coast.

My pictures will give you an idea of what I look like although I won't show my face as I'm not ready for that.

I've always been kind of turned on by the idea of cheating (never actually have) or being cheated on (in a controlled environment with clear rules and boundaries) but I've never told any past boyfriends about my kink for fear of being judged.

For a while my wife has been trying to get me to fuck another woman to relieve some of the tension from her not being here.