What makes speed dating successful

But had you more time — even one more minute — you may have discovered that "dreamboat" has a toe-nail clipping collection under his bed.

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Afterall, in this short time, you may have written off someone you might have otherwise found interesting in a traditional dating scenario.

Conversely, you may think you've met your dream date.

This should cover most of the marketing and pay you a nice wage for the evening of the event.

As you build a stronger brand presence you'll be able to charge and earn more.

Get them involved in the promotion of the event as well!

**There are companies who offer speed dating kits, try Match in Six.

Additional Info **Assure your guest that the events are for entertainment.

Also mention there is a realistic opportunity for them to meet someone special.

At the event, make sure all of you guest have a name badge (Alias's are ok and suggested) and assign them a unique number for easier match results.

Have them complete a registration form with contact information, email address, their real name, and Alias (if using one) for matching purposes. During the event, every 6-8 minutes you ring the bell and the daters switch dates.

Also, I wouldn't guarantee any turnout commitments, etc.