scott clifton and kimberly matula dating What the bible says about dating cousins

Besides being called adultery, it would be setting yourself up for the possibility of him cheating on you as well.Though no word for cousin is found in the Hebrew Scriptures, this relationship is there indicated by expressions such as “the sons of . (Ge 28:2; -12; Nu ) Such marriages to cousins were not included in the Mosaic prohibitions against incest.

Is there ultimately any such thing as “interracial marriage”?

Let’s look at some of the verses people often use to say that marriage between people groups is scripturally forbidden.

For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother . But what about being joined with someone from another people group in the covenant relationship of marriage?

and the two shall become one flesh.’” It’s one thing to be theoretically willing to embrace those from other people groups as our brothers and sisters, and perhaps even as our friends.

Aaron’s uncle,” “the son of his uncle.” (Le 10:4; ) Marriages to cousins are reported: Jacob and Rachel, and the daughters of Zelophehad.

(Le 18:8-16) Today civil laws are at variance on this matter; some states and nations allow cousins to marry, others forbid it.There are two reasons why we should not have a sexual/marital relationship with a close relative.The scientific reason is the threat of congenital defects in the offspring, and is often enforced by civil law.(3) If he is her ex-husband because she divorced him for any reason then he is not free to remarry.In that last case, if she divorced him because of his adultery then it would not only be unscriptural but unwise to marry him.(1) If he is her ex-husband because he divorced her because of her infidelity, then he is free to marry whomever he wills.