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While enrolled at the academy, she often came to odds with former classmate Reptil, about his lack of prominence as a Hispanic/Latino role model.

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Ava enrolled into the Avengers Academy's California-based Avengers Compound.She was one of the first full-time students and began to have private lessons with Tigra to improve her dexterity and combat prowess.Are you ready to embark on a whirlwind of a rollercoaster?Join our Tinder dating site for free now, and enjoy endless amounts of fun and adventure. Upon leaving the scene, she stated that she had no real interest in hero-ing for money and mentioned that she felt that they could (and should) be doing more then stopping low-leveled criminals from stealing machinery.

Luke respects her decision and Ava ventures off on her own to clear her head. After she explained the White Tiger legacy to him, the two began to have a heart-felt discussion about their responsibilities as heroes.

Stuntman, action director, and martial arts legend Mark Houghton tells his story of breaking into the Hong Kong film industry, his struggle with injuries and depression, and the promise he made his teacher, the legendary filmmaker Lau Kar Leung.

In the monthly season of December 2017, "I Am the White Tiger" was a recipient of an Outstanding Achievement Award (in the Documentary Films category) and a finalist in Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing categories, in Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, in India.

Gorath was released by one of Thanos' generals, Ebony Maw, who used his abilities to manipulate Dr Strange into summoning him.

When Ava and Victor finally joined the fight, Vic calls them the "Mighty Avengers." During the battle, Victor absorbs the chi energy from his surroundings and uses it to augment Ava's power, as she uses her Jade Tiger Amulet to awaken the Tiger God. On the other hand this is also her biggest weakness as she puts to much faith in training and tactics, being somewhat inflexible and unimaginative when they fail.

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