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“Of course I’m nervous [at the time],” Houghton gushed.

co-host Adrienne Bailon, and the bride-to-be she can't wait to become a wife.

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Her acting debut was made in the year 2001 on the set of the American TV series titled The story of the gorgeous entertainer’s love life is a bit complicated, there was an encounter with Nick Cannon from 2002 to 2003 and between 2003 to 2004, the singer’s name was linked to that of Le Bron James.She was with Aaron Flores till 2007 when she started an affair with the brother of Kim Kardashian named Rob Kardashian.Last month, "The Real" co-host Adrienne Bailon was spotted on a romantic vacay with Joel Osteen's employee and gospel artist Israel Houghton. He also admitted to cheating on her five years ago.Naturally, many believed the homewrecker to be Adrienne, who has known Israel for a few years and also recently broke up with her fiance Lenny Santiago. And people on the internets need to stop wrongfully dragging her.The actress was thus sighted as the other woman in the story of the divorce between Israel Houghton and Meleasa Houghton.

Adrienne Bailon, who looked like someone who had taken a severe beating in the court of public opinion, tried to clear the air on her relationship with her new husband.

The above extract echoes the stand of the multi-talented television personality popularly known as Adrienne Bailon who had to suffer all the condemnations, castigations and blame for purportedly being responsible for the break up of another woman’s marriage.

Adrienne Bailon is a multitalented entertainer who has exhibited amazing skills as an actress and a singer.

Their relationship lasted for two years during which Adrienne Bailon made several appearances on the Kardashian’s reality series titled Adrienne cited infidelity as the reason behind the break-up of her relationship with Rob.

After her encounter with Rob, the celebrated television personality started going steady with Lenny Santiago who is known as the Senior Vice President of Artist Management at Roc Nation.

"We're going to be great friends forever," she said of her and Santiago.