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I panicked, wondering which was more important: my life or covering up the fact that I’d been shot with Mickey Rourke’s gun?

, where she candidly writes about everything from her past drug use and an eating disorder to her notoriously volatile relationship with ex-husband Mickey Rourke.According to Otis, it was something like love at first sight between the two when they met during her audition for the 1990 film ."I think that that initial meeting was an immediate familiarity," she tells correspondent Christina Mc Larty.We both loved the drama of it all, loved the fantasy of being head over heels in love, unable to be apart. Mickey ran to the fridge, searching for a bottle of white, while I slung my bag off my shoulder and tossed it onto the counter. A tremendous noise reverberated through the kitchen. When people ask why I would end up staying with him for so long, this is a huge part of the answer. I’ll talk to the guys about putting these things away.” “Good idea,” I responded curtly. What I didn’t know was that he thought it would be a good idea to stash the gun inside my bag. When we were through, we decided to drive the bike home and let a member of his entourage, Franco, drive the car. We were married in the hope that our love would fulfill all that our lives up until that point had not. From the book “Beauty, Disrupted: A Memoir,” Copyright © 2011 by Carré Otis.

He also must have thought that if he didn’t propose to me, he would lose me.He wore torn bluejeans and a pair of unlaced boxing shoes. Without looking at him or saying a word, I opened the large refrigerator door and rummaged for something to eat. He lit another cigarette, and when he set it in the ashtray, I reached over, picked it up and took a drag. What was this strange red puddle flowing out around me in an eerily perfect circle? He finally looked up, his eyes meeting mine, and smiled. I looked back up at the guys, confused and bewildered. The gun in my purse, the one without a safety, had discharged the second I’d slung my bag onto the counter. The times we weren’t together were the times I wanted him most. And no one else’s.” To prove his point, Mickey sent two thugs to hunt down Meisel, and when they found him in a New York City elevator, they stole his signature floppy hat and took Polaroids of the terrified photographer. ” Mickey parked the car and leaned toward me, his voice soft but firm. I stepped out of the car and turned around to grab my purse. We had a passionate affair during the making of King’s “Wild Orchid.” After the movie wrapped, I ended up playing house for Mickey. Word quickly got out that I was a liability to work with. Now remarried, drug-free and the mother of two daughters, Otis recounts their dangerous passion in her new memoir, “Beauty, Disrupted.” An excerpt: There are moments in life that define us. And one of those defining moments for me was the first time I met the man who would become my first husband. I will never forget the lone figure hunched in a corner.