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(Because we absorbed and understood the film’s Overall Message, we knew that the real big bads were President Snow and the Capitol, rather than the poor kids being forced to fight to death. Tall, blonde and bloodthirsty – one of the trained careers, he also volunteered for his spot in the contest – he was the last tribute left alive, aside from Katniss and Peeta. Ludwig plays Bjorn Lothbrok / Ragnarson in the MGM TV series Vikings (we imagine that “ tall, blonde and bloodthirsty” is a useful line to have on your CV when auditioning for a part in the show ).

After a tense final stand-off, he ended up being torn to death by a pack of giant mutated dogs, before Katniss generously ended his suffering with a well-placed arrow. The actor, who originally tried out for the role of Peeta Mellark in the Hunger Games films but lost out to Josh Hutcherson, also starred in the 2015 horror-thriller Final Girl.

(Remember that last one – it’s a recurring theme.) Girl- District 3 Played by: Kalia Prescott Hunger Games death: “Girl 3” dies a few seconds into the Games, slashed in the head with a sickle during the initial bloodbath. According to her IMDB page, Tae Kwon Do black belt Prescott isn’t just an actress: she’s also worked as a stuntwoman, with her past work including “fire stunts” in Spider-Man 2 (back when Tobey Maguire was Spider-Man and the world still made sense) and Red Dawn.

Her next acting project, a horror film titled Talbot County, is currently in post production.

Obviously, we don’t actually remember that much about the show, because it all became ridiculously convoluted and confusing, but we know that Rambin ‘s character was acting as a web cam girl, and that Rachel Mc Adams had to pretend to be her to get into a orgy. Rambin/Glimmer was also in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and in the Miles Teller rom-com Two Night Stand, and is married to actor Jim Parric (aka Hoyt Fortenberry from True Blood).

Cato - District 2 Played by: Alexander Ludwig Hunger Games death/memorable moments: Cato was essentially the Arena Big Bad., have been cast in the pivotal roles of District 2’s Cato and Clove, respectively, joining 22 other relative unknowns in the anticipated Lionsgate adaptation.In the Suzanne Collins novel, District 2 tributes are a part of a group known as the “Careers,” often volunteering to participate in the deadly Hunger Games.Glimmer - District 1 Played by: Leven Rambin Hunger Games death/memorable moments: In the brutal world of the Hunger Games, physical attractiveness was just another weapon: an asset that could be exploited to win life-saving sponsors.Glimmer, a trained "career" from District 1, certainly knew this.Now Reason by Captain Charity catholic Kylo Ren stars someone new into his up in order to heart him from Most common free dating sites alliance of his it.