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The series is set to return for a second season in 2019.

Daren Kagasoff played Ricky Underwood, Amy Juergens' baby daddy.

Renee Olstead played Madison Cooperstein, one of Amy Juergens' friends who is the first to hear about the teen's pregnancy.Madison eventually went on to date Jack Pappas, but the two wound up breaking up in season 4.He even asked Amy to marry him, even though his friends, Henry and Alice were totally not onboard with his decision.Baumann has been living with Crohn's disease, which he was diagnosed with in 2012.Eventually she went on to star in "The Midnight Game" a supernatural thriller and in the chilling social media film "Unfriended." She's now married to Tommy King, a pianist, which should come as no surprise since she made four jazz music studio albums.

Matthew and Joseph Levinson were twins who took turns playing Amy Juergens toddler son John Jacob Juergens.Then they ended things after she caught Henry with Adrian together in bed, but they kiss and make up by the end of the series.The Japanese-American actress has appeared in short films like "The Monogamy Experiment," and "Clappy." She's also starred as Moira King in "Mega Shark vs Kolossus," and in the film "Broken Links." But like some of The Secret Life of the American Teenager cast, Rider has yet to catch a break on a regular long-running TV series.Eventually she lost her virginity to Jack Pappas on the same night her dad's plane crashed.Grace decided to blame what she and Jack did as the cause behind her father's death, which really put a strain on their relationship.Then Madison slept with Jesse, which led to the end of one relationship and the end of two friendships.