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The electronic-enhanced, melodic rocker “The Light” is the band’s most toned-down, radio-friendly number to date; “Fire It Up,” which begins with the gurgling sound of a bong hit, is a euphoric ode to recreational marijuana use; “You’re Mine” is a heartfelt love song Draiman wrote for his wife, ex-WWE wrestler Lena Yada; and “The Sound of Silence” is an acoustic take on Simon & Garfunkel’s classic, revamped with a new piano line piano, weeping strings, and spare guitar.“The idea this time was no limitations. “When I sit back and listen to the entire record, I’m so very proud and happy we went in all these different directions. Even the stuff that sounds like the Disturbed you expect to hear, still, to me, feels next level.”Unlike some of his peers, who close their blinders to music outside of the hard rock or metal genres, Draiman listens to a wide variety of songwriters, including Josh Grobin, Andrea Bocelli, Bob Marley, and Dr. Not only is Immortalized an eclectic, contemporary metal album that brims with infectious rage, it marks the band’s re-emergence following a four-year hiatus that began when Disturbed was at the top of the hard rock hierarchy.

As it turned out, to endure in the long run they had to vacate the mothership for a while.“When you record and tour year after year without a break, it starts to feel like you’re on an assembly line,” Draiman explains.

“If anything, it’s increased my aggression because I now have this little being to defend and the odds of the world are against everyone.

Before David Draiman, the vocalist for heavy metal band Disturbed, got married and had a child, many of his lyrics stemmed from personal pain and frustration.He vented about the psychological turmoil caused by a number of dysfunctional relationship, the suicide of a close friend, and being taken advantage of by opportunists who posed as friends.In addition to posting casual thoughts and personal anecdotes, he wrote about the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, fervently defending Israel and calling out anti-Semitism wherever it reared its ugly head. And honestly, people don’t want me to be a politician, they want me to be the frontman for Disturbed.In late June, he deleted his Twitter and Facebook accounts after being baited and harassed by Internet trolls who disagreed with his views or were simply looking for a target to lash out at.“I’m pretty much done with political commentary,” he asserts. They want me to be the guy who sets them free from all the bulls— for a while, not the one who injects it into them. She can be intelligent, and have a well formed body. You should date someone for the content of their character, not how well they can speak or how good they look. You know the one thing that everyone is saying, is that he is banging her.. so anyways, does this mean he is still in Amsterdam?

well, if that all he cares about with these models, then, they are just flings, and one day he will get bored if he ever comes to his senses.. At one point he is telling women off the streets to come up to him.. he only dates anything with fake tits and score of 8 . You know the one thing that everyone is saying, is that he is banging her.. so anyways, does this mean he is still in Amsterdam?

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saying he has been dating her for a while, and they got married last month... Anybody that gets the magazine or knows of anyone wanna look into this? I just think this is causing him to date the wrong women and getting the wrong "love" or but he's not as young as he was and being in a band with 3 other married men is make it less cool to be doing thatalso if you watch this video David seems less keen on having the lifestyle you suggest he wants We and our partners use Cookies and non-sensitive data to personalize your experience, measure audience and provide personalized advertising.

Now he’s found sanctuary at home and the kind of love he was missing for so long.

Even so, he’s more fueled by angst than ever.“My new impetus for making heavy music is being scared to death of the world that my child has been born into,” he says on a sweltering summer day from his air-conditioned New York hotel room.

“This kid has aged me five years in two,” Draiman says, only half-joking. He just had tubes put in his ears because he was getting chronic ear infections. He’s a beautiful, gorgeous, smart, amazing little boy, but he’s extremely labor-intensive.”Difficult as he has been to raise, Samuel Bear Isamu played a crucial role in the band getting back together.