Who is dicaprio dating 2016

Expect to see many models in Leonardo Di Caprio's dating history.

Since May 2016, Leonardo Di Caprio has been dating Danish model Nina Agdal. It's actually kind of funny to see that the Leonardo Di Caprio movies list has less items than his hookups list.

You'll remember Di Caprio celebrated his Oscar win by vaping.Weimar and Di Caprio weren't an item."It's not true.) and doesn’t act all, y’know, when in the company of men. And in case you’re doubting Rohrbach’s french-fry-eating bonafides, here’s a video of her, from her own Instagram page, eating french fries (and drinking a beer! A woman who’s cool and can take a joke and doesn’t get offended and drinks beer?!?! But, if you were Leonardo wouldn't you take advantage of your fame and good looks too?

In 2015, Rihanna and Leonardo Di Caprio created headlines when they were spotted partying together on multiple occasions.

Leo fans will also enjoy leaked secrets about his sex life, cute photos of young Di Caprio, and awesome stories of Leo being Leo.

If you're wondering who Leonardo Di Caprio's wife is, stop - he has never married!

Weimar, who is reportedly only 19 years old herself, is beautiful and successful and also a Victoria’s Secret Pink model. Leonardo Di Caprio can go save a dolphin, or just date a regular Victoria’s Secret model.

It's been a little over a month since the last major development in Leonardo Di Caprio's dating life.

This all sounds pretty PG-13, and a source told Leo we’re talking about.