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If we’re better together and we keep getting better, I want to keep this person close to me.However, I don’t usually put pressure on the woman. ’ These questions are typically turning points in relationship,s and can decide the future path each significant other ends up on.That’s why as soon as I start dating someone, instead of just going through the motions, I pay attention to red flags and I put serious thought into whether or not I want to invest in the relationship, and whether or not it will work out.” Wells Adams calls himself a “Bachelorette loser” because he didn’t win Jojo’s season, but he quickly became a fan favorite due to his ability to serve up non-stop laughs with adorable charm (and those dimples!

Love and commitment is different for everybody, but I never sit on real feelings, so if I felt them then I would sit her down and have a conversation about exclusivity.”, ultimately leaving the show on his own accord because he didn’t have strong feelings for any of the women, and he missed his dog Zeus!

In the real world, Zorn is a Certified Personal Trainer, a dedicated Wellness Coach, and the founder of Zorn Fitness, which offers in-person and online education to help people incorporate fitness and healthy eating habits into their current lives.

Since single ladies could always use some love advice, we asked 15 of your favorite Bachelor Nation babes to reveal how they decide if a woman is relationship-worthy, and what it would take to lock down the dream guy.

Read on, because we’ve got 15 juicy answers from exclusive interviews with Luke Pell, Wells Adams, James Taylor, Eric Bigger, Ben Zorn, Chris Strandburg, Robby Hayes, Josh Murray, Jack Stone, Daniel Maguire, Diggy Moreland, Chase Mc Nary, Kupah James, De Mario Jackson, and Bryan Abasolo.

If I really feel it with her, I’ll even ask to be exclusive on the first date.

I’d rather clarify these things than assume she’s not seeing anyone else and find out the hard way, that she is.” and throughout the entire season, he remained a class-act who was always hilarious and positive.You kind of just know in your gut if it’s the right fit and that transition will happen naturally.The more time you spend with that person the more apparent it becomes that you either fit or you don’t.”Strandburg made it to the final 6 on Kaitlyn’s season, so the cupcake charm must have worked on her.This good-looking Dentist has a fun-loving personality and a ton of impressive career ambition.He has appeared on television shows such as “Deciding to make the relationship ‘official’ is a big commitment.When I asked how Adams knows when he meets someone he wants to be in a relationship with, he cleverly compared that feeling of ‘knowing’ he’s found her to that similar gut reaction when he hears a good song. in Public Relations from Harding University, but today he focuses most of his energy on his music, and travels the country to perform shows and meet fans.