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I’m going with no, but because the Balken Curse is so powerful, they added a few more curse words, a boob, and blue dick without even realizing what they were doing. I understand, she was a smaller character, but literally anyone else in that role would have saved you.

After this movie, Brando was only in 3 more movies and died in 2004. No nominations and no roles that are even very memorable.

Now I’m not saying that the Balken Curse killed Marlon Brando, but you also can’t prove that it didn’t. This year he is nominated, and was in two nominated films, but he was shut out of both for a solid 14 years.

She debuted in the film Industry from She has given lots of hot pictures which include bikini shoots as well but her sensual pictures are not yet available in media.

Her Net Worth is about .5 million but there has been no information about her Salary yet.

Young girls loved the movie and the cast, and critics thought it was a steaming pile of shit.

In reality, it is probably somewhere between the two.She was white hot at the time and was wildly recognized as a star on the rise.Little did she know that the Balken Curse had already taken hold, and she was doing the straight to DVD You have a good point, but remember that on paper, this remake should have been terrific.So without further ado, I present to you…Exhibit A.was released in 1996 to mixed reviews and modest success.It can’t be considered a complete failure since it made million with a million budget, but there are more things to life than money.