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Pregnant at 16, she gave birth to her first child, a daughter in 2001.

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with a man who has filed for divorce and minimize getting devastated.

As most articles I write, I do not know if what is being reported is true about Fantasia Barrino, however I am going to talk about it as if it is were true to discuss an important issues.

If he is serious about you, he will want to provide you with whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Step 4 -- If you are already involved with a married man, I suggest you read my article on how to unmistress yourself and find out if he has even filed.

How to date a married man and not be miserable or get hurt.

I'm going to address this directly to women to avoid mental, emotional and physical trauma.

Her first cousins were the influential Rn B band “Jodice” and her uncles were a member of a popular Rn B group from the 70’s.

About her education, Fantasia dropped out of high school after she was harassed and raped by a classmate.

First ladies, he is married and married is married until a final divorce is decreed by the courts.

No matter how mean he tells you his wife is, how much he says she doesn't understand him, how much more he loves you compared to her, he is still in a legally binding contract with another woman who he most likely swore to be faithful to until death do they part.

And, if you conduct yourself like this, no matter what anyone else says about you to your face, behind your back or in the paper, you know that you handled yourself virtuously with a married man, there are no "videos" floating around and you respected his commitment to his wife and family (and God) even if he was looking to disrespect it.