Who is gong li dating

"She's an actress and has to travel around shooting movies; I'm a businessman and have to go on business trips.Over the years of our marriage, we spent less time together and our love turned into friendship.While she was still pursuing her higher education, she made her acting debut in Zhang Yimou first film Sweet and sexy, Gong Li was born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China. She is Chinese and is also the naturalized citizen of Singapore. Later she got enrolled at Central Academy of Drama in Beijing and finally graduated from there in 1989.

She also won this award in 2000 from the same category. Besides being an actress, she has also been popular for her beauty.In 1989, she got nominated in Hundred Flowers Awards for the first time in her life for Best Supporting Actress. In 2006, she was named the most beautiful woman in China. Later, they have a wedding reception party arranged to 200 guests at Hong Kong’s China Club. In fact, Li had denied the fact that she was married to Seong in the first place but later a Singaporean tabloid printed their marriage certificate.She was spotted holding the arms of a handsome young man whose identity is yet to be revealed.

The media and Li’s fans think that he might be Li’s new boyfriend but the truth is yet to be revealed.

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