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The children live in a wheelchair." And while this message is clearly devastating for the family in question, it is actually not helpful to share this with Hart.

It doesn't take into consideration that each pregnancy is extremely individual.

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After 30 hours in labour, she was rushed for an emergency caesarean.In the aforementioned interview, she told She may have been weeks away from giving birth, but did that stop comedian Kevin Hart's wife, Eniko Hart, from hitting the gym? In an Instagram video posted 39 weeks into her pregnancy, Hart proved to us all how strong she is via a series of workouts, and stated how important "remaining mentally and physically strong for the sake of baby boy and health" was to her.From statements shaming ladies for their choice of exercise to their workout clothing and their vanity, I'm sorry to say that it's likely this article will have you shouting "WHAT YEAR IS IT" at the screen.) that illustrated how she's keeping fit while her little bundle develops inside her.At the time, Alba was already the mother to two daughters with her husband Cash Warren, so — you'd assume — she already has a good sense of what her body can handle during pregnancy.

In fact, she told in 2017 that it's important for her "to continue to exercise so that I can potentially have an easier postpartum recovery." Yet, after sharing workout videos to her Instagram stories (via You Tube), and being snapped by paps leaving the gym on multiple occasions, people assumed she was putting her unborn child at risk for the sake of vanity.

I think its ok to make exercises but not for your belly!!! little one, think about your unborn child and not what your body should look like or becoming more 'famous' for doing this sh*t" Stage, who has now added a to her e Book, eventually responded to the remarks in a follow-up Instagram post, dated August 2017, which politely reminds followers that they should "do their research" before "judging others." She adds that, while it's important to seek medical advice from a doctor first, exercise "has many benefits for mom and baby," and that we should be "supporting each other," rather than making such remarks. Especially if you happen to share videos of yourself working out — while nine months pregnant — to hundreds of thousands of strangers on Instagram.

She rounds it out with a poignant hashtag: #stopmomshaming. In September 2017, Trump posted an Instagram video that showed her undertaking a weight lifting sequence in her third trimester — you can hear her trainer in the background saying "week 39, still kicking ass!

"Be careful young lady," wrote one follower, "your baby will come when he's ready." Another wrote, "An [sic] workout in your 8th month that is so disturbing, and rightly so." Another passionate commenter wrote: "Sounds pretty selfish and a tad negligent regarding the baby and its residence card being revoked!!!!

This is a train we all know we cannot get off of till its time…. " With that many exclamation marks, it doesn't seem like Lara is the one who needs to chill. But as Australian fitness guru Chontel Duncan knows well, as soon as you post videos of yourself trying to maintain those positive attributes while pregnant, public reception isn't so sweet.

It totally discounts Hart's ability to seek advice and continue exercising at her own discretion.