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While many of her fans are yet to know the identity of her babies daddy, the actress also has refused to reveal the faces of her girls until fathers’ day where she posted on her instagram page “Happy Father’s Day to the king of our castle.

Siduku Buari, the father of beautiful Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari confirmed yesterday that the actress had given birth to a set of twins outside the country and it got everyone asking who the father was.

I do not talk about Segun, I know one or two things about him like he knows about me.

But she is always going to be a part of my life; my history will never be complete without her. I did not say one word and I still will not say one word in respect of who she is. t owe anybody any apology as to the steps and decisions I take in my life.

If she is right I will leave it for people that know us to judge. I owe hardened fans an explanation and not an apology. t need a soothsayer to tell you nor do you need a fake prophet to spell it out to you.

t have the answers to, you go to a higher calling to make sense of it. 10 minutes, something transpired and till this day I do not know what it is. We all saw a friend of mine take a fall from a convertible and nearly break his neck; I would not put a friend in danger like that.

They thought it was a PR gimmick that was to the gain of a synagogue church against one of Africa?

You cannot spend 6 years with a Caribbean girl if she is not incredible.

In our moments of grief and disappointments, we say things that we do not mean. Maybe I did, but I moved on 5 minutes after, and I do not hold it against her.

What we do right now with all due respect is really beyond Africa. I mean what I have done that seriously is out of context that no one else has ever tried; we are human beings with all our feelings, our mistakes, short comings and weaknesses. She released a story to the press about how I wrecked her life, I believe it was the emotions of the moment because that is not who she is and that would never define her, a lady whom I spent 6 years of my life with.

There are bloggers that know next to nothing about journalism, they are what I like to call the ? , who pretty much go to your twitter timeline, crop everything on there word for word, then paste it on their blog.

I am not really cool with Novia, we have always been at odds with each other, and nobody asked his opinion on what happened to another actor. t talk about your wife, I do not say she is overweight, nor do I talk about the fact that you need therapy.

If you want to be relevant; direct movies and project your creativity, so people will respect you more. I do not talk about your personal issues though looking at you, I am sure you have enormous personal issues.

t go with the band wagon, I cannot be affiliated with a group or persons or philosophy or idealism.