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alumna Sarah Clarke has been cast in the sought-after role, guest starring in the final two episodes of the veteran series’ current season with an option to become a new regular in the upcoming Season 14. And she’ll fight to protect those values, and her team, with fierce determination and a tinge of sarcasm along the way.

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This spring, the series will see off original cast member Michael Weatherly.Sarah Clarke is an American actress of movies as well as TV shows and is best known for her role of “Renée Dwyer” the mother of Bella Swan in romantic thriller, Twilight (2008).She has been working out on regular basis from a very long time and despite spending hours in the gym, has also been practicing yoga and meditation for her mental stability.Sarah also takes special care with her food habits and despite a busy schedule always manages ample time to rest or sleep.In 2003, she received her first Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for her performance on the series.

, Jon Hamm took her to prom and later, when Clarke's brother, Preston, was Paul Rudd's college roommate at the University of Kansas, Rudd developed a crush on her and went all the way to St.When she returned home, she decided to try and pursue acting after graduation.She followed through with her plans, and after graduating, began working as an architectural photographer to support herself as an aspiring actress., starring Kiefer Sutherland, in 2001.(Oh, Paul, you're just as good-looking, though I can't speak to your athletic prowess.)What Rudd hadn't counted on: Hamm was also smart, instantly nailing questions about history and geography.The experience led to a defeated-feeling Rudd, who began reading atlases to avoid being in that position again.Although some rumors say that she had undergone cosmetic surgery to look younger, it might not be true after all especially after she mentioned her daily schedule in an interview.