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Inspired by the darkness of the Hallows season, I have developed the most amazing, Goth girl skin facial serum.It is all natural, non greasy and won't clog pores.

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If you'd like to experience the music of Ghost, HERE is a rather good playlist over at Spotify! Sadly, the dreams of these women were soon dashed by the sadistic Bathory who, believing that it would grant her eternal youth, she would drain these unlucky young ladies life's blood into her bath where she would luxuriate in the exsanguination - one of the most diabolical beauty treatments of all time!

A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH It is Death who rides a pale horse. keeps company with rats as well as a boom box so he can get his dance moves on. BATHORY - Conjure Cosmetics Facial Serum: 100% cruelty free and 100% vegan.

(This is, of course, my experience with the product and my research into the components.

These statements haven't been approved by the FDA.) ELIZABETH lyrics by GHOST Underneath the moonlight of old Hungarian skies Buried in the blood drenched Earth These barren lands of ice She was an evil woman with an evil old soul Piercing eyes emotionless A heart so black and cold Elizabeth, in the chasm where was my soul Forever young, Elizabeth Bathory in the castle of your death You're still alive, Elizabeth Her pact with Satan Her despisal of mankind Her acts of cruelty and her lust for blood Makes her one of us!

Our ancient countess was refused her desires will To bathe in pure fresh blood She'd peasant virgins killed Elizabeth, in the chasm where was my soul Forever young, Elizabeth Bathory in the castle of your death You're still alive, Elizabeth Elizabeth, in the chasm where was my soul Forever young, Elizabeth Bathory in the castle of your death You're still alive, Elizabeth! Creatures Kissing in the Rain is a line from the Cure song "Hanging Garden".

CONJURE LIP ELIXIRS These Lip Elixirs are presented in a .25 oz. They come without a tint or heavily tinted with either a natural black compound, a berry violet tint or a blood red shade. I was listening to it when I was contemplating this collection and that line really popped out at me.

We have recently been introduced to a new front man known as Cardinal Copia, also known as Cardi C. It has been hinted that Cardi C rides the Pale Horse, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Besides being a harbinger of the end of the world, Cardi C. The band and their use of Satanic camp is treated one of two ways - there are people like me who adore the band from the music to all the tricks they have up their sleeve. Here we provide hand made cosmetics crafted with organic oils and essences as well as hand infused herbal oils that allow the skin to absorb perfected elixirs and blends.

First, it has been lovingly designed with essences, infusions and elixirs that resonate with the three parts of this phenomenon.

For the aspect of the Blue Moon, I have used herbs sacred to the moon to increase the already doubled lunar power - clary sage (which has euphoric properties as well), night blooming jasmine (which has been forever holy to the Moon Goddess) and a drop of Stargazer Lily essence (just as the moon waxes and wanes, so do we.

Post about anything you want, ask random questions, whatever. Some corrections and clarifications about Saturday’s links thread: Fort Galt isn’t that cheap (2), some reasons male toddlers might by deadlier, debate on why not more traditional architecture, Desertopa on school discipline, stable inequality is probably just a measurement error, more promising supersonic flight companies, someone listens to the podcast on non-violent private police. Other good comments this week: John Schilling on cost overruns, Wulfrickson quotes DFW, Wency on real estate development. And Emil Kirkegaard crunches some numbers that broadly support the latest discussion on here about non-shared environment. They’ve fallen on some tough times and some friends have put up a Go Fund Me campaign for them. I finally slacked off so badly that the rest of Less Wrong put their yearly survey together without me. And if any of you are psychiatrists or other doctors with experience in medical job searches, especially regarding outpatient positions or even setting up your own clinics, and you wouldn’t mind talking to me about it, leave a comment here or email me at scott[at]